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Our Team

Executive Team

  • Richard A. Myers

    Richard A. Myers thumbnail

    Richard Myers founded Realty Capital in 1987 to acquire, develop, own and manage investment-grade commercial and residential real estate projects. He, along with Jimmy Archie and Tim Coltart, manage and oversee the operations of Realty Capital along with focusing on property acquisition and development. learn more »

  • James W. Archie

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    Jimmy Archie joined Realty Capital in 1997 and has been an integral part of land acquisition and development for a number of the company’s commercial properties. In 2011, Jimmy became a partner in Realty Capital and currently serves as one of its three Managing Directors. Over his 22-year career with Realty Capital, Jimmy has developed over 65 office, medical, and mixed-use buildings totaling over 1.3 million square feet. learn more »

  • Tim S. Coltart

    Tim S. Coltart thumbnail
    Tim Coltart is responsible for land acquisitions and development of residential projects with expertise in land entitlement, business and financial analyses, development planning and management. He maintains extensive market knowledge in Tarrant, Collin, Denton and Dallas counties. learn more »

Development Team

  • Alex Brown

    Alex Brown thumbnail

    Alex Brown joined Realty Capital’s development team in 2015 and serves as a Development Partner.  In addition to his role with Realty Capital Management, Alex is the President of Realty Capital’s multi-family development company, Realty Capital Residential (RCR).  learn more »

  • Rebecca Everitt

    Rebecca Everitt thumbnail

    Rebecca Everitt is a Development Partner assisting throughout the entire development process. Rebecca is currently involved in all aspects of site development including site selection and acquisition, the creation of pro-formas and budgets, and interfacing with city officials and general contractors. learn more »

  • Mason Orradre

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    Mason Orradre joined Realty Capital’s development team in 2016 and assists the managing directors in multiple facets of the development process. Most of his duties involve engaging with city officials and general contractors in land entitlement and property development. learn more »

  • Austin Gray

    Austin Gray thumbnail

    Austin Gray joined Realty Capital’s development team in 2018 and works with senior partners in all areas of the development process, including market research, due diligence, entitlements, and financial analysis.

    Austin assists with new deals from initial contract through construction. Current projects include The Highlands, a 363-acre estate lot community… learn more »

  • AJ Glass

    AJ Glass thumbnail

    AJ Glass joined Realty Capital’s development team in 2017.  Working under the senior partners, AJ maintains various responsibilities on projects that encompass all sides of property development.

    These various responsibilities range from financial analysis and market research to working directly with government officials and general contractors. AJ currently works on… learn more »

  • Spencer Long

    Spencer Long thumbnail

    Spencer Long joined Realty Capital’s development team in 2018 and works with senior partners in every stage of the development process. His responsibilities include financial analysis, market research, and working directly with government officials and general contractors.

    Spencer assists with new projects from land acquisition through construction. Current projects include… learn more »

  • Abbey Seminaro

    Abbey Seminaro thumbnail

    Abbey Seminaro joined Realty Capital in 2018 and holds a Marketing Associate position. She is responsible for the marketing of Lakeside DFW, a 150-acre mixed-use development in Flower Mound. Her duties include recruiting new businesses and restaurants for Lakeside DFW and Lakeside Village, issuing press releases, developing marketing materials, coordinating… learn more »

  • Sarah Brown

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    Sarah joined Realty Capital in 2021 as an administrative assistant to aid in daily operations of the office. 

     … learn more »

Property Management Team

  • Kelly Vance

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    Kelly Vance is responsible for the company’s financial transactions and reporting for over 50 partnerships.

    Kelly interfaces with the property management and development departments in processing accounts payable/receivables, monthly, quarterly and year-end reports and maintains all bank accounting functions.

    She has over 23 years’ experience in the medical field as… learn more »

  • Bob M. Moore

    Bob M. Moore thumbnail

    Bob Moore oversees the day-to-day operations for a number of Realty Capital’s income-producing properties. Expediting tenant requests, rent collections and coordinating property maintenance are just a small part of Bob’s responsibilities. In addition, Bob focuses on tenant retention, annual expense budgeting, bidding and negotiating vendor contracts and invoice approval and payments. He also manages third-party properties with proven success in tenant retainage and owner profitability. learn more »

  • Pam J. Santiago

    Pam J. Santiago thumbnail

    Pam Santiago manages the day-to-day operations of ten income-producing properties in the DFW Metroplex including office, medical, retail and mixed-use buildings.

    She handles the collection of rents, budgeting, reporting, property maintenance and expediting of tenant requests. learn more »

  • Carlos G. Santiago

    Carlos G. Santiago thumbnail

    Carlos Santiago joined Realty Capital in 2011, after owning and operating a property maintenance business for over 23 years.

    Carlos handles all maintenance for buildings managed by Realty Capital including building inspections and evaluations, repairs and preventative maintenance and coordinating and working with subcontractors. He also visits third party commercial properties on a weekly basis to ensure that everything is running smoothly. learn more »

Marketing and Brokerage Team

  • Leslie A. Bardo

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    Leslie Bardo joined Realty Capital in 2001 and is responsible for all aspects of marketing the company as well as coordinating the marketing efforts for properties brokered by the Sales and Leasing Team. learn more »

  • Mark G. Boone

    Mark G. Boone thumbnail

    Mark Boone is a licensed commercial real estate broker who manages sales and leasing for Realty Capital’s developments as well as third-party properties in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. learn more »